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Julius J. Hoffman, P.C. represents personal representatives, administrators, beneficiaries and trust fiduciaries during the process of probate. The firm integrates substantive legal knowledge with sound professional judgment to ensure that clients receive the representation they deserve to resolve conflicts that arise over probate.

Personal Representatives are appointed in a last will and testament to settle the decedent’s outstanding debts and transfer the remainder of the estate to the named beneficiaries. Julius J. Hoffman, P.C. simplifies the process of probate for personal representatives who are unfamiliar with the legal steps involved with administering an estate. Among many other tasks, we assist personal representatives with settling debts, paying taxes, filing the will with the appropriate state authority and carrying out the last wishes of the deceased.

Our firm also counsels personal representatives who are appointed by the court when a person dies intestate (without a will). The court-appointed personal representative is usually the surviving spouse, adult child of the deceased or the person who stands to inherit the remainder of the estate based on fixed legal rules.

In rare cases, distressed family members may object to the distribution of assets – giving rise to probate litigation. Beneficiaries of wills may have ground for litigation when they can show forgery of wills, undue influence over the deceased, mental incapacity or other problems with the will. Julius J. Hoffman is a tough legal advocate who can refer you to competent litigators who can fight for the rights of executors and heirs to an estate in probate litigation.

For advice regarding your legal issue, consult with Julius J. Hoffman, P.C.  or give us a call at (877) 788-9281 or (517) 788-9280. We look forward to helping you resolve your matter.

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